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6 Ton Excavators

Weighing in at 6 tonnes, this mini excavator on rubber tracks is very stable. Easy to handle, compact, it is at ease in tight spaces, for work such as trenching, collecting rubble, back-filling, leveling. Overall protection from overturning, falling objects and lateral tipping over.


Mini excavator on tracks


  • Construction of trenches in sanitation works and green spaces.

  • Digging of foundations before pouring footings and stringers.

  • Work of clearing and leveling soil, stones, gravel, sand, etc.

  • Demolition, backfilling and drilling with suitable accessories.

  • Lifting of loads.

cement mixing fw.jpg
Mini excavator without any offset
Optimal visibility around the machine
Protection against overturning, falling objects & lateral tipping
In the event of inactivity, the motor stops automatically

Technical characteristics vary depending on the model

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