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CSR at Loxam

Loxam is a pioneer of the circular economy (preferring use to ownership, reuse and recycling of equipment) which effectively helps to protect the environment. The Group also has a strong commitment to communities and people (training, diversity, safety).

Loxam’s CSR policy is defined in consistency with our principles and our history.

At a time when pressure on resources is becoming increasingly acute, Loxam aims to go further and become a true contributor in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (purchase of electric and hybrid equipment, optimisation of transport, etc.),

professional inclusion (apprenticeships, local recruitment, people with disabilities, etc.) and regional development (increasing our network coverage, working with local companies, etc.).

These ambitions have led Loxam to progressively install its CSR approach at the heart of the company’s operations, revolving around five commitments:

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1. Make our local establishment an opportunity for communities

We are proud to today be the European leader in the rental of equipment and tools for professionals, but even prouder to contribute locally to the creation of value in each of our 1,050 locations. Over the years and throughout our development, we have become a true facilitator of responsible growth.

As local stakeholders through our tight-knit branch network, we contribute to the vitality of the economy in which we operate, employing staff of all profiles and conditions, engaging in projects with local players and contributing to the success of our clients' projects, thus helping them create value.

Every day, Loxam is active in all the communities and countries where the Group is present, by playing its part in large-scale local projects and rising to the challenges of tomorrow.

2. Guarantee safety, anytime and anywhere


For more than 50 years, we have been keenly aware of how much safety, by its very nature, is a crucial issue in the equipment rental sector. In addition to focusing on raising awareness and training our teams, we pay continuous attention to the safety problems encountered and adopt a proactive attitude so that we can anticipate risks and stimulate innovation.


At the same time, we place our know-how at the disposal of our clients and suppliers, as illustrated by our annual safety meetings.

Our approach therefore consists of making safety one of the fundamental elements of our commitments, in accordance with a very specific rule applied throughout the Group: "Safety, anytime and anywhere.”

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3. Act for the preservation of resources


Loxam is a company whose business model is intrinsically formed around the principles of the circular economy (utilisation rate, reusability and recycling).

Beyond the business model, ecological attention is paid to each of our operating phases: from waste management to the recovery of machines at the end of their technical life.
On all our sites, we are committed to ensuring that the reduction of the environmental impact of our activity benefits all stakeholders.

We now measure all our emissions through our carbon footprint assessment.
The second area in which we are working to conserve resources is to increase the use of more environmentally friendly equipment.

Our aim is to be acknowledged by our stakeholders as a leading player in our market with regard to the 3 R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Our ISO 26000 standard certification endorses this commitment.

4. Our employees


Equipment rental is a service business based on the human qualities of our staff and the relations we maintain with our clients.

Today, Loxam is committed to strengthening the foundations of its social policy for all employees, thus providing each Loxamian with the framework for real well-being at work.

Demanding standards, passion for their job, the willpower to progress and innovate are all values shared within the Group.


As a source of cohesion and engagement for our all teams, this corporate culture is based on cordial relations between all internal and external stakeholders, which fosters our sense of belonging.


5. Governance / Ethics


Becoming a "responsible rental company" is an immutable requirement at Loxam, founded on six main pillars:

  1. an uncompromising ethical attitude

  2. priority given to the rules of good business practice

  3. respect for healthy and fair competition

  4. respect for fundamental rights

  5. the development of dialogue with our stakeholders

  6. transparent governance to strengthen our performance

By working hand in hand with all the players in our ecosystem to generate ever more value, we contribute to our commitment to society.

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