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Air Tools

With LOXAM, the benchmark for professional equipment rental, easily access a wide selection of air tools for rent: Producing air supply for pneumatic and free air tools, these machines are versatile and economic. LOXAM provides you with a selection of compressors that will meet all your expectations.

mac dm11.jpg

The Macdonald DM11S is the most versatile tool for general work and ideal for demolition in brick or concrete. Well, balanced & Manoeuvrable for working in confined areas with a choice of the outside or inside the trigger.

First of all, the RTEX is 25% lighter, yet it has more breaking power. Secondly, it uses 50% less air than a conventional breaker. And thirdly, RTEX has stiff handles with vibration values comparable to machines with flexible anti-vibration handles. These advantages mean you can save big chunks of both money and time.


The ergonomic designed BBD 15E/ET provide optimum operational safety and productivity. These low maintenance drills high-impact energy in relation to weight and ergonomic features that improve operator comfort.

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