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Diamond Drilling

With LOXAM, the benchmark for professional equipment rental, easily access a wide selection of Diamond core drilling equipment for our customers in the Dublin area.


DMS 240 is an electric drill motor and stand system for a huge variety of core drilling applications. It is the most powerful system in our drill motor stand range. An ideal system for medium core drilling in walls, floors and roofs up to 250 mm diameter. The stand is easy to tilt, the back support provides reliable and stable angle drilling, saving you setup time and body stress. This system can be used for drilling ventilation and plumbing channels, waste evacuation pipes as well as barrier and road signs.

Powerful electric core drill for use with stand. DM 340 is the perfect choice for medium and heavy core drilling where high production rates are needed, especially with large diameter core bits. Recommended diameter up to 400 mm. The motor is very easy to operate with several ergonomic features facilitating drilling and set up. Suitable for water evacuation, ventilation, angle drilling and stitch drilling.

weka dk1603.jpg

owerful core drilling machine, robust design thanks to solid metal housing, 3-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication and overload clutch, motor protection and soft start by Intellitronic. A high-performance, air-cooled motor with a wide drilling range for rig operated and hand-held drilling with a tough and reliable design as a result of the full metal housing and compact design. Supplied with a complete tool set in a practical suitcase.

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