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The dumper rental by LOXAM offers you several models of dumpers, ideal for transporting all your materials easily and on all types of terrain thanks to the resistant and all-terrain tires. The templates are varied to adapt to all loads, even the heaviest. The dumpers are easy to use and intuitive.


Measuring just 695mm wide it passes through standard doors, additionally with the longest undercarriage (1320mm) and highest discharge height (1675mm at pivot) in its class, it’s not hard to see why this machine proves incredibly popular on all manner of job sites.

This compact Track Dumper has a maximum width of 750mm and a length of 1900mm.It can turn on its own length offering greater accessibility and maneuverability in urban areas or areas where larger plant can’t gain access.

Transporteur sur chenille - ref. 011-003

3/4 Ton Dumper

Mini excavator on rubber tracks. Compact and mobile, it is ideal for working on urban sites, where space constraints are important. Equipped with a comfortable cabin, it is versatile and efficient.

3 Ton Dumper

Dumper with articulated frame with a loading capacity of 1800 l (3000 kg) for all types of materials. Thanks to its large body volume and great stability, it allows heavy loads to be transported. This machine moves easily on uneven ground.

3 ton dumper.jpg
6 ton dumper.jpg

6 Ton Dumper

Dumper with hydrostatic transmission and articulated chassis for transporting loads on all types of terrain. This side-unloading dumper has a large body volume and allows the crossing of steep slopes. Useful capacity of 6000 kg (3300 L).

9 Ton Dumper

Dumper offering a very large load capacity (5,000 liters for 9 tonnes) with hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame. It allows the transport or evacuation of materials, soil or backfill even on the most difficult or delicate grounds thanks to its excellent stability and its ability to cross slopes.

9 ton dumper.jpg
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