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Styled Garden


With LOXAM, the benchmark for professional equipment rental, easily access a wide selection of professional gardening equipment including brushcutters, hedge trimmers and pole trimmers for our customers in the Dublin area.


Designed for tough, long jobs, this backpack brushcutter is ideal for mowing and clearing stubborn grass, brush and brambles. Examples of uses: cutting plants in ditches, along embankments or near ponds, cleaning the edges of fences, walls, sidewalks or the edges of trees

These twin-blade hedge trimmers are equipped with an ergonomic motor and a powerful anti-vibration system for optimal user comfort. Versatile, it is suitable for all types of work around the garden. Its autonomy allows you to work long hours.

hedge trimmers.jpg

Our petrol long-reach hedge trimmers are used for all jobs which are out of reach of the classic hedge trimmer. With these models you can trim tall and extra-wide hedges without the need for scaffolding or working platforms. 

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