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Urban Traffic

Traffic Management

With LOXAM, the benchmark for professional equipment rental, easily access a wide selection of traffic management equipment including traffic lights and stop / go signs for our customers in the Dublin area.


The Tempo Timer Traffic Light is a work site traffic light incorporating a display of waiting time. Countdown Timer The Tempo Timer Light has a countdown timer showing awaiting traffic and plant traffic alike how long before the next light change in minutes and seconds. The led timer display is visible from a distance of up to 40 meters alerting drivers to the exact waiting time on red or time left on green. Easily Programmable This unit has a clear and simple remote control with all of the commands clearly displayed. The Tempo system couldn’t be easier to control allowing site traffic to be coordinated in minimum time.

These traffic lights are used when road works are taking place. Can be setup as: 2 way 3 way 4 way Radar vehicle detection Countdown timer Solar panel / battery charger built in All heads have built in battery chargers

Pike Radar lights.jpg

This remote controlled STOP/GO system is a a quick simple traffic management solution. It is companct, easy to transport and takes minutes to set up. Radio Controlled Only one operator is required to control traffic flow using a hand held radio control unit. This control operates using a single press system activating one or the other of the Stop-Go signs. Easy to Transport With base units which weigh 30 kgs each, and detachable sign boards, the RoboSign(p)is compact enough to be carried in small commercial vehicle.

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