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With LOXAM, the benchmark for professional equipment rental, easily access a wide selection of mini excavators for rent: mini excavator on tracks or tires, mini dumper, mini demolition excavator… These machines will be perfect for your earthmoving and excavation work , to dig trenches, collect waste and dispose of it as well as possible. Opt for the rental of a mini excavator with LOXAM.


Canopy mini excavator on tracks of less than 1 ton. Compact and powerful, it is used for small construction sites, such as landscaping, renovation or even pipe laying.

1.5 Ton Excavators

Canopy mini excavator on retractable tracks of less than 2 tons. Compact and powerful, it is used for small-scale demolition, cleaning or renovation sites.


2.5 Ton Excavators

Mini excavator on rubber tracks. Compact and mobile, it is ideal for working on urban sites, where space constraints are important. Equipped with a comfortable cabin, it is versatile and efficient.

5 Ton Excavators

Hydraulic mini excavator on rubber tracks. Designed for small-scale excavation and earthworks, it can reach tight areas with maximum precision.


6 Ton Excavators

Weighing in at 6 tonnes, this mini excavator on rubber tracks is very stable. Easy to handle, compact, it is at ease in tight spaces, for work such as trenching, collecting rubble, back-filling, leveling.

8 Ton Excavators

Mini excavator on tracks weighing 9 tonnes, essential for all earthworks (public works, construction industries, agricultural work, etc.). Enduring, its short radius of evolution offers excellent maneuverability.

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